Thursday, September 3, 2015

Something Fun

I am starting this blog to share a lifestyle perspective from a forty something year old.  I have been reading blogs for several years and even had a blog that I wrote for three years then stopped a few years ago.   I stopped because I didn't really know the direction the blog was going or my point of view.  Most of the blogs that I have read are written by twenty or thirty something year olds.  They are great and I enjoy reading them but needed something that I can relate to a bit more.

A few things about me…...
I love a great find.  I love that I decorate my home and buy my wardrobe, mostly, on a budget.  I might have the occasional splurge but for the most part I am frugal.  There are so many great budget friendly stores out there that you don't have to shop high end.  The deals are in good supply.  And, you don't have to look too hard.  I can't tell you how much shopping I do at Target.  I could probably do an entire blog about Target.  Seriously!  Oh, how sweet it is.  I also do a lot of shopping at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea, Old Navy, Loft, and when I do shop high end I mostly migrate to the clearance section.

I love interior design and have always dreamed of being a designer.  I love a casual, fun home.  I love vintage finds mixed in with contemporary pieces.  My overall style is pretty casual.  I'm a jeans and top kind of girl. I love the beach and casual dinners at home.  I am pretty low key and easy going.  I guess this will be a low key easy going lifestyle blog. I hope to share things that I love in interior design, as well as bargain hunting, flea market shopping, casual fashion, family life and fun experiences.

Stick with me, we'll have lots of fun.


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